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    General information (English)

    The Südheide Gifhorn is located in the south of Lüneburg Heath in northern Germany. There are several  attractive sights and places throughout the Südheide Gifhorn. Südheide Gifhorn's main township is Gifhorn. Besides the heath landscape, mills are a characteristic feature for the Südheide Gifhorn. Therefore the population calls her main town affectionately "town of mills". You can experience unique heath landscape with its species-rich wildlife, awesome sights as well as historical buildings and last but not least you can meet friendly and humorous people in the Südheide Gifhorn.


    Thanks to our central position to Wolfsburg, Braunschweig and Celle you can use Gifhorn also as a basis for day trips. You can explore the Autostadt or the phaeno in Wolfsburg as well as the Duke's residence in Celle for example.


    One of our main sightseeing attractions is the International Mill Museum. It is an outdoor museum and is directly located in Gifhorn. With its 14 mill mock-ups out of Europe and Asia it tells a story about the historic importance of mills. Within the museum there is a village square with half-timbered houses and a restaurant where you can eat freshly baked bread or streusel cake straight out of the wood stone oven.


    In the northern part of the Südheide Gifhorn you can meet little cute animals called otter. The Otter-Zentrum Hankensbüttel is a nature and wildlife experience centre. The visitior can meet several members of the otter family like badgers, ermines or martens. With the help of a bulls-eye you can watch the otters under the water. This is an awesome experience because otters are exceptionally gifted swimmer. If you want to see the nocturnal animals in action we recommend to follow the feeding timetable. Throughout the park there are many different experiential stations and playgrounds for children.

    For all those who need more silence and less adventure, we can advise a visit to the Kloster Isenhagen (monastery) in Hankensbüttel.


    Join us at our virtual sightseeing tour and have a look at the Südheide Gifhorn. Get yourself inspired by the beauty and diverseness of our region and discover some sights you want to visit on your next trip.


    If you need further information while you are planing your trip or need help finding an appropriate accommodation please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.


    We are looking forward to welcome you to the Südheide Gifhorn!

    Travel tips for your stay in the Südheide Gifhorn

    Internationales Mühlenmuseum Gifhorn

    Erleben Sie eine Reise durch 11 Länder dieser Erde an nur einem Tag. Bestaunen Sie 14 Mühlen aus Europa und Asien in Originalgröße.

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